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CPI’s mission is to provide evidenced-based, person centered care to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. Wellness comes in many forms and clients are empowered to choose their own individualized goals on their path to recovery, which may include obtaining desirable housing, seeking employment, making healthier lifestyle choices and achieving a greater sense of independence and control over their lives.


CPI’s vision is to maintain our uniqueness as a community agency and to be the local treatment of choice in an ever increasing world of healthcare conglomerates, while continuing to expand our array of affordable counseling, psychiatric and substance use disorder treatment services that utilize evidenced-based practices.

Image by Harper Sunday


CPI’s following core values help guide agency practices:

  • Validating Worthiness and Individuality

  • Encouraging Uniqueness and Self-Determination            

  • Respecting Privacy and Personal Choice          

  • Emphasizing Kindness and Ethical Behavior                        

  • Promoting Teamwork with Individual Responsibility

  • Fostering Hope and Joy

  • Prioritizing Inclusion and Fairness

  • Demonstrating Patience and Compassion

  • Maintaining Consistency with Flexibility

  • Striving for Excellence and Transparency

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"Things will always get better. After all, when you've hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up."

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